Here is a very brief summary of what the course provides

The Certification Proofreading Correspondence Course contains sections on:

  • background to publishing;
  • essential information on English grammar;
  • all the proofreading and editorial symbols you will ever need;
  • how to use the symbols correctly;
  • obtaining work when the course is over, and
  • is completely up-to-date.

Each Module contains:

  • full details on individual aspects of proofreading. Basic editing is also covered;
  • exercises and on-going assessments;
  • the opportunity to contact the author of the course personally (not a secretary or a receptionist!) by telephone, letter or email at any time if you come across a problem;
  • assessment of your exercises by the actual author of this course (not simply a 'tutor').

The course as a whole contains, among many other things:

  • details on publishing company background,
  • English usage,
  • the marking of printed proofs,
  • basic editing procedure,
  • lists of misused words (to make your job even easier),
  • explanations of precisely what proofreaders and editors do,

all written in an informal, easy-to-understand and friendly manner.

Fifteen years of successful tuition

Many individuals have undertaken this Certification Proofreading Correspondence Course over the last fifteen years, and the majority of them have now established themselves as either proofreaders or editors throughout the publishing industry. Many people want to do work on a part-time basis, and this work is ideal for that. Of course, this work can also be undertaken on a full-time basis. The choice is yours!

Take your time!

This course can be undertaken at your own pace. There is no pressure on you to complete it in any set time-scale. You simply work through each module, complete the exercises and return them for assessment in your own time.

And remember: the author is always available to give advice or help during your course, either by phone, in writing, or by email.

Ron J Hebbs

Grange Bungalow ~ Old Bury Road ~ Palgrave ~ Diss ~ Norfolk ~ IP22 1AZ

Tel: 01379 783070



15 years of training proofreaders