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Here is a selection of extracts from letters and emails received from students. The originals are held on file in my office, as required by law.

'Thank you for your helpful advice on how to go about seeking work. You will be pleased to know that since completing your course, I've obtained a number of assignments. The most recent one, which I've just completed, was paid on a flat-fee basis and it has earned me £1000. That is not a typing error! I did intend to type all three zeros! Obviously, I can't always earn sums like this, but I'm sure you'll agree it's very encouraging. Again, many thanks and very best wishes.'

'I have thoroughly enjoyed the course and I think you have struck the right balance between formality and informality. The course was excellent, and very lucid.'

'The course was very well thought out and there was a logical flow from one part to the next. Thank you very much for my Certificate, and for all your help throughout the course.'

'The course is presented in a very informative and well-organised manner, without being hard going.'

'I was pleased to see that the course layout provided opportunities to ask questions.'

'As an older person I was quite worried that I would find it all a bit bewildering, but I have found [the course] very comprehensive and the style of the course excellent.'

'I liked the friendly, informative style in which [the course] is written. And the knowledge that you, as the tutor, are only a phone call away is very reassuring.'

'Very satisfied and extremely rewarding. Thanks, Ron!'

'I think it is an excellent course. The fact that you are running the course from home - as opposed to a company like [name of company omitted here!], and that I can speak directly to you if I have a query, or want a friendly chat - is a big plus. You have given me encouragement and you have never been in a hurry to get off the phone.'

'A good balance with education, information, advice, tips, help and sharing your personal experiences.'

'I enjoyed the course very much and it has helped me decide that this is the type of work I'd like to do. And working on the course from home at my own pace suits me.'

'I really enjoyed this course. It is a pity I didn't take it years ago!'

'As I mentioned to you on the phone, this course is first rate!'

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