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Hello, and welcome to my website.

What is proofreading? Well, it is the actual process of checking magazines, books, dissertations, reports, advertisements, newspapers, catalogues, websites (the list is endless) for mistakes before they are printed. In fact, anything that is published needs to be proofread. A realistic hourly rate of around £17 is paid to the proofreader. I have seen claims that up to £25 per hour can be asked by proofreaders, but in this economic climate, in my experience an hourly rate of £17 is more realistic.

Because the amount of published material has increased dramatically over the years, and indeed is still growing, competent freelance proofreaders are continually sought, not just by publishers, but by an increasing number of originators of print material, and proofreaders can earn excellent rates of pay, working from home.

Virtually every business, however large or small, publishes something! It may be just a business card and a letterhead for a one-man business, a report by the local Council, or indeed a large catalogue, such as those produced by Argos, Next and many other 'big' names - and everything in between!

Is a proofreading course for you? If you are someone who:

  • needs additional income - part-time or full-time; or
  • simply wants to know if the aptitude is there; or
  • feels ready for a career change; or
  • would find it convenient to work at home; or
  • wants to find an in-road into publishing; or
  • produces print material, and are unsure about proofreading;

then the answer is 'yes'.

I invite you to browse through my website. It will give you a feel for what proofreaders do, see what other students say about my proofreading course, and give you the opportunity to enrol on my Certification Proofreading Correspondence Course which will teach you a much sought-after skill and, after completion, will allow you to start on your proofreading career and enable you to undertake - with confidence - any proofreading assignment which comes along.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me by email or by phone.

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